Buckwheat in the regime of baby


Recipes with buckwheat

Buckwheat, cottage cheese souffle

500 grams of cottage cheese,

200 grams of buckwheat,

4 cups of milk,

200 g the butter,

3 eggs

0.5 a cup of sugar,

Salt to taste.

Wipe a dumplings in a blender, bruise buckwheat and sifted done a sieve. Milk to boil. Absorb a buckwheat floury in a natural milk, append the a butter. Until the resulting mixing is languishing, separate yolks from whites. Combining a cooled gravity with grated dumplings, egg yolks and cane sugar and combine well. Chilled whites beaten with sol and evenly pour them into a basic cheese and buckwheat mix. Читать полностью -->

Mums share your experience: breath exercises during labor

Childse tips with mums

In mastering breath exercises expectant mother is significant to follow a some rules:

• Begin to engage with a recommended 12-16 week of gestation and up until the last some weeks.

• Breath exercises can be performed in any convenient position.

• Training can be performed some minutes upon a time, most importantly, take leaving of the health.

• Earlier you start to do, ventilate the room well.

• Ideally, breathing exercises a better deal in a good air.

• If you possess ailments like dizziness or nausea, stop a exercise and rest.

• Put short breaks between exercises to restore breath.

Types and descriptions of breathing exercises

However to breathe during labor

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Fresh meat dishes for a small miracle


What to be for complementary feeding fresh meat

Meat, like any new item want be introduced into the diet of a beautiful child with beautiful upkeep. To do the process of establishing beef feeding proceeded how comfortable for a baby, you need start with a least allergenic fresh meat - rabbit, turkey or horse fresh meat.

In addition, a new fresh food or meats should alone be given when the newborn is completely healthy and do not get preventive vaccination (tooth eruption - also the wrong time).

When selecting fresh meat and fresh meat-veggie dishes, pay efforts to the fat component. Strongly animal fat digested little newborn. Therefore, preference want be given poor-fat meat varieties. Lamb is introduced to a menu of the latest child and offer her some one not frequently, because this type of fresh meat - the most fat. For a newborn to easily and speedily got used to already any fresh meat dish, append to it a familiar newborn raw vegetables. Читать полностью -->

Buckwheat in the schedule for of baby


Recipes with buckwheat

Buckwheat, cheese souffle

500 g of cheese,

200 g of buckwheat,

4 cups of natural milk,

200 g the butter,

3 eggs

1/2 a cup of sugar,

Sol to tasting.

Wipe the curds in a blender, mash buckwheat and sifted through a sieve. Natural milk to seethe. Absorb a buckwheat flour in the milk, throw in the natural butter. Until the resulting mixture is languishing, separate yolks from whites. Combining a cooled mass with grated cheese, egg yolks and cane sugar and blend rightly. Chilled whites beaten with saline and evenly pour them into a basic cheese and buckwheat mixture. Читать полностью -->

Fresh meat dishes for a small miracle


The crumbs are over 6 or 7 weeks...

How time flies! He is a self?

In its 1st 6 weeks, the baby learned lots and learned much. For example, he learned as to eat, sitting at the children's table and discovered a tasting of varied foods. Comfortably, it's time to input a new child with a delicious and useful item - fresh meat!

Parents and grandparents ofttimes jokingly tell babies, "Do you need to be big and healthy - eat a lot of cereal!". Of course, a porridge "hungry" will not.

View a young child needs to recognize its current requires!


Start some 7 weeks, a fresh meat becomes an essential component of good nutrition a baby!

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Meeting mother from a hospital: Tips for Dads


A some more days - and you will be at home: the child newborn and his mom. On a one hand, you need to celebrate a fact of his paternity with friends until a onset of the harsh working life! On the other - you need to prepare a apartment for a arrival of the child and buy all you need... And if tips for organizing a stag party would obviously unnecessary, how better to spend cleaning and what to buy for Mother and Child, we are happy to tell.

Clean out - a guarantee of health

A lot of dad sincerely believe that best technique to lead an rooms in ordering - to invite a duo of times to your favorite mom in law. And even better - hire a professional cleaner. Those who decided to put things on the own purity, good start cleaning with a top: not to wash floors, and, say, wipe the dust on the shelves and cabinets. This has a certain logic: the dust and dirt rarely soar upward - more frequently than not fall down. Читать полностью -->

Meat dishes for a small miracle


Types of infants's fresh meat sauce

Compositionally, babies are divided into meat sauce for fresh meat and cereal.

Mashed meat are minced fresh meat, which may be added to the broth, oil or butter, onion, and starch and mealy however a organic thickener. Do not be afraid of floury and starch. Recall that a thickeners used in everyday cooking process, such as for preparation cutlets use potatoes or bread.

Meat component is diverse - beef, veal, lean pork, lamb, turkey, chicken. Various types of fresh meat get your taste and nutritional characteristics. So, in ordering not to burden the child's aging body, fresh meat sauce must necessarily be given together with a vegetables.

To always observe a perfect balance of meat and fresh vegetables in a diet of a newborn experts recommend moms to pay striving to ready-done meals - babies's cereal mash with a fork. Pay attention to the item on the label. Читать полностью -->

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